Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kala and Shroff Indian Incense

In pursuit of hard to find and unique incense, the IncenseGuru has now added Kala Perfumery Works and Shroff Channabasappa & Sons. They have been in the incense making business for 100 + years. These hard to find incense sticks are true to their heritage. Made in old Indian tradition that dates way back to when making incense was a family art. No fancy color packaging, just rolls of sticks tightly pack in cello to retain their aroma. All of these incense sticks are Masala based, meaning that they are not perfumed, but a blend of spices and/or herbs that are made into a paste then rolled on the stick by hand. All of these have a dry, warm and very earthy quality to them. They are never overpowering in their aroma, but are very unique in there own way.


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