Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oils from India and Suggested Uses

Oils from India” are the best essence oils available. They are different from other perfumers because they do not use a base and then add fragrance – they use the finest blends of oils they can fine.

Their oils consist of a wide variety of “Attars” from true essential oils to man-made compounds. Essential oil refers to a specific process of extracting oil from a plant. Compounds are a blend of natural ingredients and nature identicals. Attar simply means perfume. Attars are made to capture the true essence of a flower, herb, tree, shrub, resin or leaf of a living botanical substance. Their ability to combine and blend from all of these sources allows them to create a wide variety of fragrances.

Their way of blending essence oils is the best way! Essential oils can be irritating to the skin, subject to climate and habitat, and cost prohibitive. There can be variations in color, texture, and fragrance. The use of Attars usually controls this aspect of perfumery. The advantage of using Attars is that they mix with each person’s chemistry, creating a unique fragrance for each person who wears it. There goal is combine the best of both worlds.

Uses for Oils from India:

1. May be applied to the skin as a perfume
2. May be burned on a charcoal tablet – After your charcoal is hot, just and a drop or two
3. May be used as a car air freshener – Place several drops on a clean cloth an put it under your seat or glove box – The natural heat from your car will release the scent – Use sparingly – Can stain carpet
4. May be used in an aroma ring – We recommend adding a little water as the oil gets hot to avoid scorching
5. May be used in an oil diffuser – Follow all diffuser specifications

Cautions: Please use with care – Stop use at any sign of skin irritations – Keep out of reach of children – For topical use only – Avoid sensitive areas

Oils from India and Incense from India are chosen to compliment or smell like each other. If you like the oil – try the incense.


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